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TimeBit is a fintech solution company operated in providing blockchain products, services, and solutions to other SMEs, start-ups, individuals with the model SaaS.

SaaS is a business model where companies deliver their software as a service to customers.

By taking advantage of the features of the SaaS model where the provider hosts and maintains the servers, databases, and the code that makes up an application, the end-used service will have a low-cost to customers.

Blockchain has grown and become a trending keyword, and cryptocurrency is one of the most successful applications of blockchain.  However, running any business in blockchain as well as cryptocurrency is expensive and complicated progress. By sharing all the costs in infrastructure, server, blockchain human resource, TimeBit provides solutions for crypto exchange, crypto wallet at the best price and save most of the time.

No, TimeBit is not a cryptocurrency project. We are a blockchain fintech solution providing products and services to customers, especially small & medium size companies, individuals and start-ups.

Cryptocurrency is a potential market. However, despite a huge number of exchanges all over the world, there are more and more platforms dying because of lacking liquidity. Also, the cost in starting and operating crypto business, along with liquidity difficulty has resisted SMEs and startups to join this cryptocurrency industry.

TimeBit provides solutions in Cloud Technologies to solve these issues.

TimeBit officially launched in July 2019.

TimeBit Headquarter is located in Singapore with oversea centers and offices.

The Development and R&D Center is in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The Marketing Office is in Korea.

The Sales and Communication Office is in India.

You can search for your queries in the FAQs list. If the FAQs can not make your clear, email Timebit support at [email protected], or submit a ticket in the Support Center Platform.

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