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Solutions you can count on - A PARTNER YOU CAN TRUST.

Solutions you can coun on - A partner you can trust

TimeBit – Blockchain-based fintech solution company

There are many ways for a company describing itself. One chooses to simplify by only providing the name, business category, address, etc,… Others choose to tell long stories. We, Timebit – financial technology company, choose to just share to our audiences what we’re fascinated about.

Blockchain has been a trending keyword over the past few years. Some experts even said that a number of companies are abusing this word when talking about their business to sound more fancy. Consequently, when their outcomes don’t go well, “does Blockchain really work?” this kind of question would be raised by the general public.

This fact really frustrates real Blockchain companies because it’s destroying their efforts to build Blockchain awareness and spread out unique advantages of Blockchain. But we, Timebit, always believe in a bright future of Blockchain. Among its wide range of applications, we decide to choose an area of finance to apply advanced technologies of Blockchain and make revolution, therefore defining ourselves as a Blockchain-based fintech solution company.

From cryptocurrency exchange platform, cryptocurrency wallet, to auto trading system and payment gateway, which all re integrated with the most advanced technologies of Cloud, AI, Big data,… we are on our way to build an ecosystem of finance. Logistic, Supply Chain, and Origin Tracing and Authenticity System are also our interests to do research to bring Blockchain in. Yes, a completely Blockchain-based ecosystem of finance is Timebit’s dream. But we’re not dreaming, we’re working hard to accomplish.

Core values

Transparency makes integrity. We value our reputation more than anything. Being honest with ourselves, with our employees and our customers is the best way to protect it. We believe in the power of transparency and integrity. You can believe in us.


Become the most complete Blockchain-based financial ecosystem, to meet all possible demands of and create new values for customers in finance.


Gradually change consumers’ payment behavior, from cash to online payment, from bank card to cryptocurrencies Gradually replace the roles of bank in daily life, what people can do with bank, they can do with blockchain.

Management Team

Here are the members who hold senior positions in the Timebit team. Timebit has been developing under their lead and development.
Trang Nguyen

CEO & Co-Founder

Ethan Nguyen