Blockchain-Base Finacial Ecosystem

In 2018, 84% of executives said their organizations are actively involved with the Blockchain. Are you ready?

About Timebit

Blockchain-Base Financial Ecosystem

TimeBit’s a blockchain SaaS company dedicated to cryptocurrency that allows small and medium-sized enterprises to build, host and operate their crypto business, while TimeBit cloud-based service keeps the infrastructure agile and operational. From a cryptocurrency exchange platform, cryptocurrency wallet to auto trading system and the payment gateway, which all are integrated with the most advanced technologies of Cloud, AI, Big Data, … We are on our way to building a Blockchain-Base Financial Ecosystem. Logistics, Supply Chain, Origin Tracing and Authenticity System are also our interests to do  research to bring Blockchain in.

Our Services

TimeBit provides a turn-key approach for clients, whether seeking solely blockchain development consulting, marketing services or any legal consulting of creating a new company. We can walk you from the content introduction, explainer video and website to a marketing campaign, or operate a system.

Crypto Exchange

Whitelabel crypto exchange with a new trading platform, cryptocurrency exchange platform powerful matching engine system & liquidity sharing.

Crypto Wallet

A ready-made wallet solution for store and manage digital asset.

Cryptocurrency Development

We bring you the most ultra-high performance solutions for the cryptocurrency forming and development.

Blockchain Consulting

We deeply treasure data proficiency with valid and expert solutions.

Full-Suite Marketing

We help you develop a marketing strategy that will engage your target audience and ensure the integrity of your brand

Legal Consulting

Expert legal advice and business consultant.


timebit exchange

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Timebit Exchange

Timebit Exchange is a website trading cryptocurrencies, where to buy sell bitcoin safty, buy eth, krs token via credit card  & other popular cryptocurrencies in minutes

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Timebit OTC

Timebit OTC is where to buy and sell bitcoin, krs, eth, … and other popular cryptocurrencies in large amount, easily and quickly trading crypto

store and hold btc

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Timebit Wallet

Timebit Wallet is a ready-made cryptocurrency wallet solution for store and hold btc, krs token, eth,.. and many other cryptocurrencies, manage digital asset safe.

Why Choose Us

Providing a holistic and complete solution through consultancy

  • Reducing cost
  • Streamlining business processes
  • Commiting to security and privacy
  • Offering transparent access to our technical expertise
  • Focusing on quality delivery

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